Flathead Valley Little Guy



Be Coachable
Learn everything you can, be a sponge. If you don’t understand something ask. Gain all the knowledge you can about your sport.

Train Hard!
It is in practice where champions are made. Practice is preparation for competition. Give it all you got, all the time. Only by going hard will you be ready for the
challenges that you will face when it really counts. Be the first one at practice and the last to leave.

Be A Leader
You don’t have to lead with your words, lead by example.

Don’t Make Excuses
Learn to accept responsibility for your actions.

Develop a Positive Attitude
Believe and you will achieve. A positive attitude, just one spark can fan a flame through a whole team! Be the spark!

Play with Selflessness
Be a team player. Sacrifice for the good of the team and your teammates.

Be Mentally Tough
Hang in there no matter what the situation. Don’t panic or sweat it. Believe that you can handle anything thrown your way.

Play Hard!
Always give 100 percent of what you have.

Play with Enthusiasm
Get excited, be fired up! Enjoy what you are doing. Play with passion. Play every moment like it’s your last game.

Play Smart
Keep a narrow focus. Do your job with intensity and concentration. Don’t lose site of the goal.

Act Like a Winner
Play with class, even during the tough times.  A champion plays their best regardless of the opponent or the situation.