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Flathead Valley Little Guy Football Board of Directors

Sports Physical


Prior to your child being allowed to participate in the upcoming Flathead Valley Little Guy Football season, they will be required to have a complete physical administered by a licensed Physician.  FVF is proud to be one of the first youth athletic programs in the State of Montana to require pre participation physicals prior to play.  This is common practice throughout the United States and FVF is honored to blaze the trail for the youth of the Flathead Valley.

Who?:   Every child wishing to participate in the 2024 FVF season

What?:  Pre participation sports physical examination. Not just a well child exam.  An appropriate form will need to be filled out.  Find the "Download Physical Form" button above for a league approved form if your physician does not have a sports physical form.
Physicals must be current – conducted after April 20, 2024

When?:  Bring your completed physical form to gear handout nights in August.  Your child will not be issued their gear or be allowed to practice until the physical has been turned in.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!

Where?:  You may use your family physician or any Montana licensed Physician (MD, DC, DO).

Why?:  For the kids!!!!  The pre participation examination is designed to identify and assess health risks of each athlete who would like to compete in sports. The physical examination is not designed to disqualify athletes, rather to determine the fitness and health of an athlete to participate. Think of the examination as an early warning system, attempting to rule out musculoskeletal, cardiovascular or other conditions that may place your child at risk.  Flathead Valley Football’s first priority is the health and safety of each athlete.

FVF feels strongly about this new policy and are certain it will create a safer environment for the kids to enjoy and learn the game of football.  This policy will be strictly adhered to and children without physicals will not be allowed to participate.  Thank you for being a part of what we feel is the most important change to youth athletics in the State of Montana!

Flathead Valley Little Guy Football Board of Directors

concussion Policy

Flathead Valley Little Guy Football (FVF) recognizes that concussion and head trauma can result from contact sports such as football.  FVF further recognizes that most States, including Montana, have enacted legislation (i.e. the Dylan Steiger’s Protection of Youth Athletes Act) which promote further safety of youth athletes related to head injuries/concussions. FVF desires to have a policy/guideline designed to increase awareness of issues related to concussion/head trauma, increase awareness of signs/symptoms of concussion/head trauma so players may be removed from play and take reasonable steps to insure appropriate evaluation before allowing players to return to play following concussion. This policy/guideline is not intended to create legal standards for concussions/head trauma prevention, protection or treatment as concussions and head trauma will occur during youth athletic despite reasonable efforts to protect against them. FVF, FVF coaches, and all parents/legal guardians recognize that concussion/head trauma can still occur despite reasonable efforts to mitigate and address concussion/head trauma because football is a voluntary contact sport.

Above you will find download links to the FVF Concussion Policy and the Acknowledgment Form. The form must be filled out prior to the season beginning.

FVF Concussion Policy
FVF Concussion Return to Play Form
Concussion Acknowledgment Form

FVF Smoke-Practice Guideline

Click here to view the DEQ website an hour before you practice and determine the current air quality

PLEASE NOTE:  Your coach has the final say on whether practice is cancelled.  If he has not contacted your prior to your practice start time, then consider your practice still on.

FVF Smoke-Practice Guideline

Coach Evaluation

The Flathead Valley Football Board of Directors requests parents' assistance in building effective coaching staffs for all teams within our organization. We are supplying this evaluation tool for you to provide an objective appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of your player's coaches. Feedback (suggestions, concerns, etc.) will be very constructive to the FVF Board and the coach. Your specific comments are encouraged and welcome.

NOTE: COACHES WILL NOT SEE THIS INFORMATION. Your evaluation will be kept confidential within the FVF Board. The Board will use the tabulated data for coaching decisions and / or improvements.